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AIS Services: Your Partner in Industrial Excellence

Electrical Engineering, Equipment, & Field Services

Engineering Services

Power System Design

AIS' tailored solutions optimize energy efficiency and reliability across diverse industrial landscapes, empowering your operations with robust systems that drive sustainable success in the evolving energy landscape through expertise and innovation.

Substation Design 

Delivers innovative solutions tailored to enhance power distribution efficiency and reliability, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance for industrial and commercial infrastructures.

Relay Protection & Control 

Offers advanced solutions meticulously designed to safeguard critical electrical systems, ensuring reliable operation and protection against potential disruptions with precision and expertise.

Power System Studies 

Provides comprehensive analysis and insights tailored to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and safety of electrical networks, empowering industries with informed decision-making and sustainable operations.

Arc-Flash Studies 

Meticulous analysis and proactive solutions to mitigate arc-flash hazards, ensuring the safety and compliance of industrial facilities with precision and expertise.

Engineered Arc-flash Solutions 

Provides tailored strategies and cutting-edge technologies to effectively mitigate arc-flash risks, ensuring workplace safety and operational continuity within industrial environments.

Relay Coordination/
Programming Relay Testing Services 

Comprehensive solutions ensuring precise coordination and testing to optimize the performance and reliability of electrical systems in industrial settings.

Equipment Testing & Commissioning

Thorough testing and seamless integration of industrial equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability in diverse operational environments.

Switchgear/Relay Upgrade Solutions

Provide tailored upgrades and advancements, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability of electrical systems in industrial environments, thereby optimizing operations and safety.

Equipment and Relay Operation Training

Comprehensive programs designed to empower personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and maintain industrial equipment and relay systems effectively, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards.

Field Services

​MV & LV Equipment Installation

Efficient deployment and integration of medium and low-voltage equipment, optimizing industrial operations while upholding the highest safety and performance standards.

Relay Programming & Testing Services

Meticulous testing and precise programming, ensuring the optimal functionality and reliability of electrical relay systems in industrial environments.

Power XFMR Installation/Replacement

Provides precise installation and replacement solutions for transformers, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and operational continuity within industrial facilities.

Equipment Testing & Commissioning

Verifies and integrates industrial equipment, guaranteeing optimal functionality and reliability in diverse operational contexts.

MV Cable Terminations & Splices

Expert solutions for reliable and secure terminations, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance of medium-voltage cables in industrial environments.

Switchgear/Relay Retrofit & Upgrades

Provides customized solutions, enhancing the performance and reliability of industrial systems through advanced retrofitting and upgrades, ensuring operational excellence and longevity.

Fiber Optic Terminations

Seamless connectivity and optimal performance of fiber optic networks in industrial environments, guaranteeing reliable data transmission and operational efficiency.

Emergency Field Services

Prompt and efficient support, ensuring swift resolution of critical issues and minimizing downtime for industrial operations, thereby maintaining productivity and safety.

Industrial services are paramount in maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring safety compliance, and fostering innovation within industrial sectors. AIS would love to serve you!
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